Church Logo Poll (open to all)

Dear all

At Stewards’ meeting many months ago, and off the back of a conversation with Joe, it was decided that we would explore the options for developing a logo for Wimpole Road.  To help us with this a friend has done some work on 6 designs, which you can see if you click here or on the link below:

You will see that he has come up with 6 general designs referred to as options 1 – 6.  The exact colours and final layout will be determined in due course, but for now we would like to do something of a “straw poll” to see which is the most favoured option from amongst our congregation.

So, please can I ask that you take a look at the link above and select your 1st and 2nd choices.  Once you have made your selection, please click here or on the link below to vote for you choices.

This poll is open to everybody.  Each person can have a one vote (choosing a 1st and 2nd choice).  Please can you add your name, simply so that I know that only a single submission per person is counted.  Please can choices be submitted by Sunday 12 July 2020.  If you have a friend or family member who would like to vote, but does not have access to the Internet you can find out their choices and submit the vote on their behalf (quoting their name please on the form).

The opinions from this poll will be used to inform further discussion about the choice of logo at forthcoming Stewards’ and Church Council meetings.

Please message us if you have any problems or wish to discuss anything using the Contact Us form below.

Thank you for your contribution.

Andrew Topple