Holiday Club 2020 (for all Primary School aged children)

Probably unsurprisingly, but nevertheless with regret, the decision has been taken that we will not be able to run Holiday Club this summer as normal at Wimpole Road.  We did have a few children booked in and we have been in touch with those families to advise them of this.  However, we are now exploring whether we can run a “Virtual” Holiday Club during the same week (24 – 28 August) with participation via Zoom.

So how will this work I hear you asking?  Well, we are still working on the details of this and in part this will be determined by the number of children who want to come along.  However, the current thinking is that we will meet up on Zoom, probably for about 45 minutes, each day of Holiday Club week and during this time we will run a number of activities based around the theme of the day / week.  These might include a video, a discussions and some group activities, challenges and games some of these might take place as a large group and others in smaller groups (all groups will be supervised by a minimum of two adult leaders).  There will also be individual activities such as craft work which can be done at home and the plan is that we would provide the materials needed to do these to you a few days before the club starts.

To help us to plan and determine whether we will be able to run this, we are asking that, if your children would like to take part, you pre-register them by using the link below or click here.  This will need to be done by 3 July please.  Once we know who would like to come along we will then be able to plan accordingly, send you the registration form and nearer the start date the joining instructions.

Whilst we are really enthusiastic about running this event, at this stage we cannot give a total assurance that it will happen as it is still dependent upon so many factors.  But, once you have responded to us in via the link below we will be able to keep in touch with you as our plans unfold.

Many thanks and we pray that we will be able to move forward to deliver another amazing Holiday Club, albeit somewhat different from those of the past….